Sof Sole Sneaker Balls – Basketball


Make your Shoes and Bags Smell Great again!

Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodoriser and Freshener Balls for Shoes, Gym Bags, and Lockers remove foot odours and other odour-causing bacteria from shoes, gym bags, gear bags, lockers, and closets. Sized and shaped to reach and absorb odours in dark, tight places, where other fresheners won’t fit, this pair of odour-absorbing balls is an essential foot care accessory. The balls feature quick-twist action, which opens the vents that release a specially formulated fresh and clean scent. Preserve freshness and the life of the sneaker balls by twisting to close the vents when not in use; scent lasts up to six months depending on how often they are used to fight odours. Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodoriser and Freshener Balls fit in all shoe sizes, from kid through adult, and effectively attack odours in athletic shoes and everyday footwear, as well as gym and gear bags. Each ball has a diameter of 1.5 inches.